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Shaghai 30s, Oxford - very tasty, unusual chinese food although some of the dishes came in a rather overpowering and terribly sweet sauce which spoilt the taste. It would have been so much better if the sauce was served separately (or if it had a bit less sugar in!!). Despite 50% offer on main dishes, we ended up paying about £15 ahead for just a starter and a main at lunch time, so not such a great deal but it was nevertheless an enjoyable meal.

Shanghai 30's 82 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA Reliable as usual; was pleased to see the place busy.

By far the best meal I've had in a long time, beautiful setting and gorgeous food.

Great atmosphere and good food. Only critique was a recommendation for a not very good item off the lunch menu ; Sichuan noodles tasted like over cooked pasta...

Shanghai 30's 82 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA Reliable as always.

8 stars for food 7 stars for rice 6 star for service....

Shanghai 30's 82 St Aldates, Oxford

A great place to take someone new - they're never disappointed. Service a little over enthusiastic - the main course arrived half way through the first...

Shanghai 30's, OX1 1RA. Welcoming staff - a nice change from the usual Chinese restaurant surliness. A range of unusual dishes, but all too sweet for my taste. The audio language tape in the loos is a bit of a surprise.

We visited the Shanghai 30's for lunch in Oxford on Sunday. Delicious food, well prepared, very nice service and a wonderfully quirky decor and language recordings in the loo. Very fun!

We booked a party of 12 for Sunday evening at Shanghai 30's in Oxford and were delighted with the occasion. The food was the best bit - we chose a selection of starters and main courses from the menu rather than the set meals, and were not disappointed. Especially good were the spare ribs and almond chicken starters and the lychee pork and sticky beef main courses. Very sweet but not cloying. Excellent wines too.

Shanghai 30's Oxford Great as always - a pleasure to take friends too. A well deserved Michelin 2012 recommendation.

Excellent value for money with the deal, actually pretty good value with out the deal but the deal justifies a mid week visit and starters!

I love this place. good atmosphere, kind staff, and delicious foods and sizzling sounds!

Fantastic Chinese food! Our prawn toasts arrived complete with head and tail, which was a lovely touch. Can also thoroughly recommend the mango duck, sizzling beef and satay chicken. Such great value with the 2 for 1 offer on mains!

What a find. The food excellent, with generous portions, even on the 50 0/0 deal. Very Very friendly and efficient service, one to remember for the next time we are in Oxford.

food was nice apart from the chilli boiled fish - too pricy for the quality

Pork a la Shanghai was absolutely superb- moist and falling to pieces. The flaming chicken and rice was a bit dry; the other dishes were good. The wine was excellent. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and has excellent ambience. With regards to the service, our waitress was wonderful and very charming, although the other two who on occasion served us lacked manners and took a long time to do the bill. Dishes are around £8, but each person needs 2 dishes as they're quite small.

Excellent food,service and value as always.

Althought the decor is a little worn, the atmosphere was good and the service attentive. The food was terrific. We were a party of 4 and we all enjoyed our meals and would highly recommend to other diners.

Amazing food, i have never tasted chinese food like this. Pretty good value with the 50% off mains - 2 dim dum, 2 mains and a bottle of wine £35. We'll be going back soon!

Very much enjoyed our meal there - food was very tasty and the service was good. The decor is quite surreal but nonetheless definitely adds to the experience. I would recommend.

From the hustle and bustle of tourists and students on the street outside, you step back into 1930's Shanghai. The decor does not disappoint and the food certainly excels. Service is attentive but unobtrusive. Definitely try the dim-sum - the best I've had in a long while (Yum Chow in Singapore) Presentation of dishes is impeccable, but will someone please do something about the western music. Definitely worth a visit if budget allows - if just to learn Chinese in the toilets.

Shanghai 30's, next to the famous Alice in Wonderland shop in Oxford. We came for lunch on a weekday at 2pm so the restaurant was pretty empty. Very old-fashioned interior, which gives a warm feel to the room, very attentive service and a very attractive TT offer: 50% off mains (note: does not apply to appetizers, Dim Sum menu or side dishes). Mains (Lemon Chicken Deluxe and Pineapple Chicken) were flavourful but a bit heavy and very sugary. Would maybe recommend rather for a dinner date out.

Third visit. This really is one of the better Chinese restaurants around. Conventional dishes but also a traditional schezuan menu that has some nice surprises. Champagne ribs are a must.

Shanghai 30s, Oxford: Had a very tasty lunch for two from the dim sum set menu (wonton soup, four types of dim sum and a drink for £10.50). Service was good though a little slow, but we weren't in a terrible hurry so it didn't matter too much. Would definitely eat there again and would recommend.

Lovely food especially the spicy sweet and sour. Service could have been slightly better, slow to take a drinks order and serve prawn crackers. All in all very enjoyable and will be returning.

Shanghai 30's Oxford

Excellent Chinese food in a cosy atmosphere.

Shanghai 30's, Oxford: Food was good but not exceptional. Service was helpful but a little slow.

Shanghai 30's

82 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA

Great music added to great food and attentive service.

We loved the atmosphere at Shanghai 30's restaurant in Oxford. Attentive, enthusiastic staff, an excellent place to have a good conversation with your friends while eating delicious food. Some lovely touches, a recording of Chinese language lessons in the toilets, lots of memorabilia from bygones days arranged around the rooms, being offered a fortune cookie from a large lacquered box as well as a mint with your bill. A very interesting restaturant with first rate food.

The for was good, the servings were generous. Even though interior could do with some updating and dusting, the service was fast, accommodating and pleasant.

Shanghai 30's in Oxford was a great place to have a quiet meal where you could relax and enjoy some good, reasonably priced food. The quality of the food was exceptionnal and the service was appreciated as they left you alone most of the time.

The restaurant is located just over the road from Christchurch college and has good views across the property. Waitresses were very welcoming and attentive throughout so very happy with service. The food was nice and good value with the 50% off main courses deal, however it didnt blow me away and whilst it was a nice lunch, it wasnt really anything to write home about.

Great food, good atmosphere, very helpful and nice staff, excellent value for money. I would definitively recommend!

What a lovely place! Situated upstairs next to the Alice in Wonderland shop, the shabby chic of the dining room sets the mood perfectly. The service is discreet yet attentive, and the prices do not reflect the sheer mastery of the kitchen. Especial favourites are the champagne and honey glazed spare ribs, the pork à la Shanghai (pieces of belly pork stewed in Shaoxin wine - think Drunken Chicken but better) and the simply amazing dam dam mien (noodles). A return visit is a must!

This restaurant is located right across the road from the Christ Church, definitely recommend you to drop in for lunch if you have Chinese food cravings. We ordered spicy Sichuan soup, drunken chicken, honey roasted chicken, sour vegetable fish soup and milk teas. Everything was done to our liking and we will definitely come back if we are in Oxford!

Great food, ambience and service

I had lunch with three frineds and we all had a good time with good atmosphere and delicious foods. This place is different from other any chinese restaurant. they don't use any MSG and not too salty. I will definitely go again!

We went to Shanghai 30's in Oxford to try their Dim Sum lunch. We were disappointed that the 50% lunch deal could not be used. This wasn't clear on the deal information. It was still good value at under £30 for two dim sum platters, glass of wine and a bottle of sparkling water. Dumpling soup was nice. Dim sum was ok, not the best ever, in majority it was fried and I prefer steamed dim sum. Service was interesting. Took a LONG time to get attention. Ok for lunch, don't think we'd go back.

Great food and wonderful service

The meal was in a lovely room. It was a shame that dim sum was only available at lunch time but the starters that we had instead were delicious. The main courses were not as good but still enjoyable. Overall a really nice meal out.

Interesting food with some variation from standard Chinese fare, very attentive service and a beautiful room and location

Shanghai 30's Oxford

Good food and attentive service, a bit of a challenge given we put two tables together and ended up as 10 of us including two children.

The set menu at Shanghai 30's in Oxford was reasonable value, tasted pretty good and was served in an atmospheric dining room with fine views on a sunny Saturday lunchtime where there were just the right number of fellow diners.

Shanghai 30's in Oxford

Great atmosphere and food! No msg but qutie tasty!

Great as always, absolutely love the decor and general placement in town. The food is so reasonably priced as well for a restaurant that nice, especially the duck!

I will be sure to visit again.

Shanghai 30's, Oxford

This is my 2nd time at Shanghai 30's in Oxford.

Nice ambience. New customers are always curious about the chinese deco and the naked woman paintings.

Worth a visit if it does the 50% a la carte menu, otherwise I think the chinese food is just average, not worth paying the full price.

Service is good. The waitresses were quick in taking orders and filling our teapot.

better service than last time, which was poor, but only marginally, need to catch a train and they ignored our please for the bill for a while, in the end had to go up to the till and pay. nice food, rubbish service... only value for money if you get the 2 for 1 deal.

Shanghai 30s, Oxford Pluses: Really good food - chicken dumplings a particular highlight. Good service, even on a busy Tuesday night. Minuses: Interior looks a bit tired. Could do with having more wine available by the glass (not just house red and white).

Lovely setting, fantastic service and yummy food. All in all, a brilliant experience. The staff looked after our large hen party very well - thanks for a lovely evening.